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Boston Magician Joe Ferranti entertains all ages at a Wedding Reception.

I’ve only been performing for 12 years, and 10 years exclusively as an Adult Magic entertainer. My first two years I dabbled with kids’ magic. I always enjoyed performing, but it wasn’t the reason I got into magic.

When people hear you don’t perform for children, many assume you are a “snob.” This is not the case; all audiences deserve the best entertainment available. To present anything less is a disservice to your clients, magic and other magicians.

I had some brilliant shows with kids, and some were not so good. Being an entertainer has its challenges, but entertaining children compounds the challenges. It is not unusual to be booked for a five-year-old birthday, but the audience may comprise 7-year-olds, 8, 9, 10, 11…?

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The intellectual and emotional capacity of a 4-year-old differs vastly from an 11-year-old child. I must assume that there are magicians who can entertain the spectrum of ages. I would enjoy witnessing a professional perform a children’s show, but I simply don’t receive invitations to any children’s parties.

My comfort zone is in performing for adults, which encompasses the ages of 17 to 99. (My personal definition for adult audiences.) I use the same material for this vast age range. Every performance varies slightly, as my shows are audience interactive, but I digress.

The point is, I don’t advertise or seek work with children, but to think I will never have to have entertainment for children would be foolish.

If you haven’t watched the 12 second video, please do so. In my 12 years of performing, I’ve had every reaction you might imagine. Last weekend at a wedding, I performed for a couple of children, and the reaction was probably the cutest I’ve ever had.

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