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Boston Magician performs for Adult birthday partyBoston Magician performs for Adult birthday party

Strolling Boston Magician

Many people don’t know one form of magic from another. Most have a stereotype of what a magician is and does. Some think we are childish and are only entertainment for Children’s Birthday Parties.

I perform birthday parties in Boston and its surrounding suburbs, but for adults.

I have one specialty which goes by many names. Strolling Magic, Walk Around Magic, Mix” n Mingle, Close Up Magic. If you know other names or something comes to mind, send it to me

Birthday Magician Boston Ma.

The Strolling Magician does not perform a formal show. I mean, you wouldn’t set up chairs and have your guests seated to watch a 45-minute show. (Although you may be interested in a formal close-up show.)
There are unlimited venues where you may use a Strolling Magician. I list these on my services page.
In short, The Magician makes his way through the event entertaining groups of people. It is not unusual to hear loud clapping, laughing, and cheering. It is a good time for everyone involved. You will have people approach you and tell you-you are the best magician they have ever seen. When, in fact, you may be the first professional magician they have seen.

If they see another magician in the future, it is likely they will feel the same way. Just the latest best magician they have ever seen.

Comedy Magician Massachusetts

The way we present our magic will put us in a category. If you present yourself as a psychic, and your audiences believe you. Then your appeal will be dramatic, if not a little unsettling.

If your approach is magic with a “wink” in your eye, the entertainment will be fun and comedic. Presentations with a comedic edge come naturally to magicians, as the surprises which naturally occur in a magic performance result in laughter from your audience.

I enjoy the comedic approach. I take nothing too seriously. Yet, the magic is still impactful.

Joe Ferrnati

Comedy Magician Boston Massachusetts

Close-Up Magic Vs. Stage Magic

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