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By Vanishing Inc. – Sunday, November 6, 2022

Steven Bridges is a skilled magician and card counter from the UK who spent years building a substantial following by uploading magic videos to YouTube. In 2019, he decided to completely change course and pursue his lifelong goal of counting cards.

Today, his YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing the cold hard reality of counting cards for a living. He captures the highs and lows, including recording whenever he is backed off the table at the casino.

This series has been a smash-hit, amassing nearly 10 million views already. Steven’s adventures as a card counter are fascinating and we are so excited to have him at The Session to share the best secret stories form his journeys.

Until then, here’s a fun game of card counting-themed two truths and a lie with Steven Bridges.

Two Truths & a Lie: Steven Bridges

  1. Steven once woke up in his Airbnb in West Philadelphia to discover that a rubber-banded wad of approximately $1,000 in winnings from the casino the night before was missing from his jacket pocket. He panicked and ran outside to find it sitting right next to his car tire. Nobody had touched it.

  2. Steven was once allowed to count cards at a table for significantly longer than normal. After he finally got backed off the table and kicked out, he received an email from the security guard running the surveillance camera. The guard recognized Steven and was a fan of his work, so he let Steven count cards for as long as possible before he thought he might get in trouble with his boss.

  3. Steven was once kicked off a table for card counting, but not because he was actually caught counting cards. Instead, it was a case of mistaken identity where they confused him with another well-known card counter.


The lie was #1, although it sure is an epic story we were hoping was true.

Did you guess right? Let us know in the comments below.

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